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【SSTV】 Long Goniopora Coral | Flower Pot Coral |

This text will be replaced with a player. Goniopora, often called flowerpot coral, is a genus of colonial stony coral found in lagoons and turbid water conditions. Species of Goniopora can be found in the Persian Sea areas, the Indian Ocean, and various tropical and subtropical areas of the Pacific Ocean. Goniopora are a very…

【SSTV】Colourful Open Brain Coral In The Tank

This text will be replaced with a player. Open Brain Coral Trachyphyllia geoffroyi is attractive, and unique. These corals are most often found as a free living, solitary individual living along a reef base on muddy or sandy bottoms, or in seagrass beds.The Open Brain Coral is moderately easy to care for, they only need…

【SSTV】Amazing Soft Coral Reef Relax Your Mind

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The Hammer Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral and often referred to as Euphyllia Hammer Coral or Anchor Coral. The Hammer coral gets its name from the hammer or anchor shape of its tentacles. During the day the tentacles are extended and provide nice movement to the reef which is much like the movement you would normally find only in…
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